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Winter ’18 saw Natasha taking a small group of students to Thailand on the first LITYM trip of its kind. The group spent 10 days visiting temples, studying with a Thai Lanna doctor, learning about herbs, Buddhism and the Thai culture. This was a once in a lifetime opportunity for students to travel with their teacher and study with other teachers.

Natasha says “The Thailand trip last year was a high success. We had an incredible and blessed time.  One of my favourite memories was going with my teacher to meet his teacher who is a monk and doctor living in solitude in a shack in the jungle. He see patients from his home and has cultivated a medicinal herb garden. We all came home with a balm made by him that can be put into any orifice in the body to speed up healing!  This balm has already bought huge relief to clients of mine who have eczema in their ears and up their nose.”

Excitingly Natasha is planning on this being a yearly offering. LITYM students can apply for the 18th – 28th November 2020 trip by filling out the application form below.

During the trip she will be guiding students around the city streets of Bangkok before spending a week in Northern Thailand where Thai medicine is most prominent. Natasha has been travelling to Thailand since 1991 when she took her first massage training. Nearly 3 decades later she is extremely excited to be taking her first group and there is a fully packed itinerary.

To apply: please fill out the application below. Once we receive it, we will call you for a ten minute chat to discuss the trip, likely costs and any questions with you. If we both agree that it will work well we will ask that you pay a non-refundable deposit for the trip.

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