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At the London Institute of Thai Yoga Massage (LITYM) we work closely with our students to encourage an informed and intuitive touch. We hope to inspire passionate students who fall in love with this powerful modality and who want to learn deeply and study over many years.

Through understanding Thai medical theory students learn to create individual treatments for each person they treat. We place a strong emphasis on understanding the physical layers of the body and Thai element theory – these are at the center of true Thai bodywork. Please do watch this video about us and our approach.

We have a unique perspective of the body that helps students understand what they are touching when giving Thai Massage. Optimal biomechanics is also a strong focus point throughout all of our courses, so that the bodywork is a pleasure to give.

For over 15 years we have trained a large number of students from all around the world and in the UK to become successful practitioners.

‘Thai Bodywork Foundations 1’ and ‘Thai Massage Foundations 2’ are modular courses, designed to stimulate a profound passion for the healing art of Thai massage.

Taken together, they give students a professional qualification. The ‘Thai Bodywork Diploma’ is accepted onto the Thai worldwide register of practitioners and the Traditional Thai Yoga Massage practitioners register.

We support our students in a very generous and unusual way via our intern programme. This programme allows students who complete Thai Bodywork Foundations 1 or 2 with us to repeat this training as many times as they want for free. We want students who are serious about their massage practice to be able to deepen their knowledge and continue their studies. So students can apply to take an internship with us. This is our way of supporting an on-going commitment to a developing massage practice. Interns can apply as many times as they like to repeat any course they have already completed (as long as it is the same content and there are spaces).

We do this so that you can get be the best you can be!

Following this, there are two more modules, a wide range of mini workshops and one-day courses that will continue to satisfy students’ learning requirements and their CPD points.

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Our hands on approach to Thai Yoga Massage - Drawing sen energy lines on to legs