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Natasha’s training is amazing! I only get the best client’s feedback when I massage them using the techniques I learnt from Natasha ❤️ Would do it again and can recommend highly! Patricia C October 2017

Do you want to feel like you’ve been blissed out on a tropical beach for days and be able to give this special feeling to others , this is a skill to learn and embrace. I experienced quite a profound healing in my body due to a restriction caused by a recent traumatic bereavement, such that my pilates/dance teacher commented that suddenly I have space in my body and was asking what had happened. Thank you so much Natasha. As a student practitioner the feedback has a been humbling, my patients are returning and the joy I feel in witnessing being able to help them is immense. It feels inspiring to have begun learning something that is truly a gift to share with our fellow human beings. Luna W October 2017

I did the Intro day in Jan. 17 and was so keen to learn more of what Natasha had to teach I enrolled to start my Diploma course a couple of weeks after. The teaching was easily accessible with good pointers to help hone the techniques. The demands of the course seemed quite high at times, but having now qualified, I can see how much experience is necessary to find myself within the art and to become comfortable with such a wide range of techniques. The feedback I have had from clients has blown me away and I feel endowed with magical powers by Natasha. I love what has been shared by LITYM and know I will be enrolling in further courses as my practice develops. Neill C October 2017

I’m so happy to have found Natasha and her courses. The courses are so accessible for beginners and she is a great down to earth teacher. For anyone looking to expand their knowledge of Thai Massage and the Thai element theory or learn a new skills then this is the course for you. Lindsey M, October 2017

Without having received any previous instruction in Thai massage, I can sense that Natasha’s given style of tuition is informative, inclusive and fun yet delivered safely, with integrity and with passion for her subject and with regards for differing learning paces. Forever a student herself and forming part of an unusually direct-to-source teaching lineage, this experienced teacher and Thai bodyworker aptly covers the basics and beyond, delving into mysteriously fascinating depths of Thai medicine and culture – covering far more than just the practice itself. With an emphasis on continuous development for all past and future students, London Institute of Thai Yoga Massage delivers absolutely first rate courses and workshops which just make you want to return again and again, as this evolving student has done! Paul D, August 2017

I did the Herbal Compress course with Natasha in April 2017 and it was the perfect introduction to this herbal compresses. Not only did we have fun crushing and mixing all of the herbs, and making our own compresses, but we had enough time to practice using them on each other and take some home for further practice. Natasha puts a lot of time, love and energy into preparing this course by sourcing all of the herbs and materials for us. I would really recommend this two-day course to any Thai Massage practitioners who are looking for an introduction to Herbal Compresses and learning how to incorporate it into their practice. Dana A, June 2017