Love in the time of lockdown

The moon cycles have a huge impact on our emotions, their cyclical waxing and waning impacting our behaviour and mood. The moon influences the tides, contracting and expanding those huge bodies of water in the same way they influence the expansion and contraction of our hearts. The heart is a fluid, malleable structure in the body and right now there are many hearts struggling with lockdown.

These are turbulent times for relationships and never has there been more reason to go the extra mile to maintain a healthy dynamic between you and your partner.

Forget the libido for a moment, how about […]

All pain and no gain!

I recently had a Thai Massage that injured me.  I went to a place in Thailand that I know well and that has a good reputation with foreigners. My expectations weren’t too high, I hoped for a decent relaxing massage and nothing more.

Thai massage, if performed badly can be quite dangerous and I would categorise my experience this summer as one of those such events.  It wasn’t just bad in that the practitioner was lacking skill (although he obviously was) or that he was doing a cookie cutter sequence. It was as if he was deliberately and intentionally harming me.

I […]