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Natasha de Grunwald is the founder and lead educator at the London Institute of Thai Yoga Massage (LITYM). Natasha has been a pioneer of Thai massage in the UK since opening the doors to her busy private practice in 1991. She opened LITYM in 2005, with a vision to develop a training programme that would allow students to become professional and successful Thai massage practitioners, able to share the benefits of this fresh approach to ancient Eastern practice. There are now many graduates practising these therapies.

Natasha has a deep, enduring passion for Thai Yoga massage as well as a dedication to researching and understanding the connection of body, mind and spirit. With over 10 years experience, she continues her own studies in the Thai healing arts in an expansive and abundant manner. She is also a member of the Naga Center Teachers Guild. Natasha is compelled to help people to create something new in their lives.

Each year, she participates in human dissection courses to grow her understanding of the real anatomical and functional aspects of the body so that she is able to share this knowledge with her students. This helps them visualise what they are touching beneath the layers of the skin for a tangible connection with the body through Thai massage.

Natasha’s unique teaching style communicates her passion and is infectious. She creates courses and workshops designed to inspire students and develop a deeper sense of themselves whilst making connections with other through the compassionate and heart-centred approach of the school.

Find out more about the available Thai Massage and Bodywork courses taught by Natasha by clicking here. You can also see Natasha in action in our videos and read her thoughts in her blog here.

Founder and lead educator at the London Institute of Thai Yoga Massage, Natasha de Grunwald, demonstrating intuitive and informed massage techniques to students