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We are incredibly excited to be hosting Nephyr Jacobsen from Portland, Oregon.

This four day workshop instructs students in the art and practice of treatment based Thai massage for common conditions such as pain in the neck and shoulders, core back, low back, hips and sciatic nerve.

Additionally we will focus on how to create spot specific treatments that are tailored for the alleviation of suffering in individual clients, breaking away from sequence based work and transforming your Thai massage practice.

Therapies taught in this course are based in traditional Thai medical theory and rooted in ancient practices.  Class will include conversations about the history and culture of Thai medicine, as well as daily practice of Thai healing arts ceremony.

This workshop is taught by Nephyr Jacobsen, and is hosted by The London Institute of Thai Yoga Massage, in London.

Nephyr Jacobsen is the director and founder of The Naga Center, and is preeminent in knowledge of traditional Thai medical arts with a passion for Thai bodywork and herbal medicine.  Nephyr has been a massage therapist since she was 21 years old (she was born in ’69, so you can do the math’s), and has been traveling to Thailand regularly since 1998 to study Thai bodywork, and the larger umbrella of traditional Thai medicine. She is a research maven, dedicated to finding authentic and in-depth information to pass on to her students.  Nephyr and her family lived in Thailand for two years while she researched and wrote “Thai Herbal Medicine: Traditional Recipes for Health and Harmony”, and “Seven Peppercorns: Traditional Thai Medical Theory for Body workers”.  Nephyr is the primary instructor at The Naga Center and writes all Naga Center class curriculums.  She has infinite gratitude to all of her teachers, and specifically to her primary Teacher, Tevijjo Yogi.


Friday 16th June – Monday 19th June

9am-5pm each day

Fee: £600 (early bird £550 – if booked before 1st March 2017)

Pre requisite:
Students need to have completed at least one of the foundational modules (with us or one of the other teachers guild schools) or the online theory class with Naga Center.  Ideally they will have taken the tools class and have read ‘Seven peppercorns’.


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