For many years my Thai Massage teachers taught me to chant well known Sanskrit chants such as “om mani padme om”. I was taught that the main reason for this, and why Thai Massage practitioners might regularly chant was to acknowledge the fact that the massage was based on a Buddhist philosophy, and that the regular process of chanting would focus my attention ready to give massage. I liked the idea behind this, but also wondered why we were chanting something that was non-­‐Thai.

In more recent times I have new teachers and a new lineage-­‐ I am very proud to […]


“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old,  but on building the new’” Socrates

Some of you may have noticed, both on courses and workshops that you have attended, or through the blogs I have written recently, that I am mentioning things like ‘Elements’ and ‘Layers’ to you, these aren’t words often found in the regular Thai Massage trainings offered.

Whilst there are some students that find fulfilment knowing how to give a relaxing massage and stretch their clients, and that is fine – I felt this for a long time too, there is […]

The Layers

I have just come back from a ten-day integral anatomy dissection.  This humbling and privileged experience makes me in awe of the body.  I am super-spaced out and filled with gratitude.


I wonder – what is the body? Is it interconnected to the universe?  Where do you end and it starts?  My teacher Gil Hedley often talks about it, and gives these simple analogies: ‘the moon is doing this and affecting you like that’, and ‘when you breathe out the trees breathe in, when they breathe out we breathe in’, ‘the sun is your mastery gland, giving light to your body […]

Could your water element be excited?

These past few months I have been studying Thai anatomy and physiology.  It has been incredibly illuminating to see the body through this lens, rather than the western one, which is often about diagnosing disease and giving labels.

Thai Medicine sees the whole person, not the disease.  Instead, part of the science is that it uses a five-element understanding to address the body, mind and spirit.   In a nutshell this means that everything, from our blood and tears, our skin, bone muscle and fascia, our hormones and organs, the age we are, the sound of our voice, how we live our […]

Feet and their connection to the Elements

Anyone who knows me well will know that I’m kind of
 into feet: I take images of them, study them, I even dissect them and I like
 mine firmly rooted to the ground – no handstands for me! And it’s fair to say that in general, I’m a bit of body nerd. So
 recently, when my mind had the chance to wander, it decided to take a walk in this
 direction… Today I was cutting the grass in the garden for the first time
 this year, enjoying the sun on my face. After a short while, I found myself
 aiming […]