How to work smart, not hard; the use of Thai herbal compress

One of my massive passions is helping practitioners work smart, not hard.

I know from my 30 years of experience in the bodywork and complimentary health field that it is more than possible to give effective treatments without straining your own body and burning out.

One of the best tools is to learn how to make and apply a Thai herbal compress as they can be used in any and every treatment. They might seem at first like they are a ‘spa type’ treatment but nothing could be further from the truth. These bundles of steam heated herbs have HUGE therapeutic values […]

What does it mean to be an intern?

My school and the tradition of Thai medicine that I teach and practice offers students an opportunity to intern. I myself have interned with my own teachers and I wanted to share what this experience is like for me.

I have always seen interning as an amazing opportunity. It feels like a rare gift being offered invaluable information that allows me to have professional, spiritual and personal growth without any additional financial cost to me. I know that my clients and the community that I serve through my therapeutic work also benefit from my interning experiences.

The value of this is immeasurable […]

Post-partum care for a new mum

A year or so ago I travelled to Thailand and researched traditional post-partum care, spending time with village midwifes in the far north and learning how women were traditionally cared for at this time of their lives.  I was both moved and fascinated by the Thai traditional practices which centred around building and nourishing the woman’s essence.  Pregnancy is seen as a very depleting time, anyone who has been pregnant and given birth can tell you about a tiredness like no other.

In my practice I have seen the effects that childbirth and rushing back into daily life has, women’s health […]

Yoni Steaming – reasons why as a woman this is for you

For the past year I have been introduced to people at parties and at work as

‘this is Natasha. She does vaginal steaming’.  

I have to say it is sometimes a conversation starter and at other times people visibly gasp and are a little speechless.  Either way it does pique interest from everybody, those with and without vagina’s.  Women especially are always very keen to have one.

Gwenyth Paltrow seems to have done a lot for raising awareness about ‘V Steams” but I’m not sure she (or the press) has portrayed them in the best light. Any articles I have found about […]

My Journey to becoming a Thai Yoga Massage Bodywork Practitioner by Jacqui Dark

From the first moment I went to Thailand I fell in love with the place. The culture, the smells, the spices, the excitement. The people, the respect and of course the Massages. I have been back many times over the years and my love of the country has grown every time.

I am a massage therapist and have been for 25 years. I have trained in many therapies over the years and use most of my skills daily within my business in Ickenham, Middlesex. I truly love my work and feel very blessed to be doing this full time. Having a large […]

Thai Spinal Nerve Treatment

When a client walks into the treatment room looking anxious, their face tense and pale, their eyes edgy I know almost immediately the type of treatment they need. However, I sit and find out more details from them asking about their mental state, sleep and digestive patterns, energy levels, their general sense of themselves and their well-being.

I ask these questions so I can take their whole being into account when I decide on a treatment plan for that session.

We often talk a while and they share deep and private thoughts and vulnerabilities, it is a safe space for them to […]

Gut and better mood

Is your food going through you quickly?  Do you feel generally sluggish or aren’t pooing at least once a day? Is your skin spotty or dry, your energy low, or are you feeling bloated? Do you have abdominal pain or indigestion?  If you answered yes to any of these it could be that your gut needs some TLC.  whatever the health of your gut it probably still needs some care and attention. I’ll explain why.

The gut (also known as the ‘enteric nervous system’) runs from the tongue to the anus and includes all the vital organs (oesophagus, spleen, liver, pancreas, […]

An interview with Natasha de Grunwald

Tell us about how you got into Thai Yoga Massage?
I was 18 years old and already a massage therapist but wanted to find an effective therapy with more depth to it, so I travelled to Thailand and traveled the country looking for the school  I wanted to train with.

Why Thai Yoga Massage in particular?
I wanted to learn a modality with tradition and lineage behind it, something that had been around for a very long time, so I travelled to Thailand and studied within temple grounds. I had a lot of personal healing to do and I found the deep bodywork […]

My Journey to becoming a Thai Yoga Massage Bodywork Practitioner by Sarb Donin

A case study from the London Institute of Thai Yoga Massage, a student’s perspective

Sarb trained with us here at the London Institute of Thai Yoga Massage obtaining her Thai Yoga Massage diploma and has since built up her successful practice.

After my first child was born and my maternity year was over, I was eager to get back to ‘work’ and have my independence again. I had left my office job in the city and like most new mums or dads I was looking for work which would fit around my new life and family.

I’ve always enjoyed giving a massage even though I […]

Yoni Smoke

Last summer I did a ‘Yoni Smoke’.  This was all in the name of research and I was happy to test it out for myself along with many other practices.

At the time I was on a trip to Thailand where myself and a group of 5 other women travelled with a translator to the Thai/ Burmese border. We studied and researched with village midwifes to learn about their traditional practices for pregnancy and post-partum care.

The smoke experience involved lighting a charcoal fire contained in a bucket. A recipe of medicinal herbs was placed above the fire, which was smouldering but […]