Love in the time of lockdown

The moon cycles have a huge impact on our emotions, their cyclical waxing and waning impacting our behaviour and mood. The moon influences the tides, contracting and expanding those huge bodies of water in the same way they influence the expansion and contraction of our hearts. The heart is a fluid, malleable structure in the body and right now there are many hearts struggling with lockdown.

These are turbulent times for relationships and never has there been more reason to go the extra mile to maintain a healthy dynamic between you and your partner.

Forget the libido for a moment, how about […]

Supercharge your Yoga business with this one skill

If you are a yoga teacher I imagine you take your role seriously as a movement educator.

Yoga is much more than a job for you, it is your passion and makes you very happy. It has helped you enormously in many areas of your life and this is why you want to do what you do, so you can help others.

You get to know your students well, because you may offer them 1:1 with you or perhaps you are building quite a reputation in your area for your amazing classes.

Often you will be searching for other ways to enhance what […]

‘You can go as deep as you want’

‘You can go as deep as you want’! If you are a massage therapist you will dread hearing this but probably will over and over again. Your eyes will roll, you know you are in for hard work. You find you are watching the clock because you have to work even harder to give them the massage they want and it’s not enjoyable.

This is where Thai massage comes into its own.

But first, let’s be totally honest because when you’re being invited to go as ‘deep as you want’ then I’m sure you would choose to work easy with a feather […]

What is the difference between Thai massage and Thai Yoga massage?

So what is the difference between Thai massage and Thai Yoga massage? Not much in all honesty. They are different names for the same thing.

BUT, there are some huge dissimilarities between these two and “Therapeutic Thai Massage/bodywork’ (which is what I teach).

Let me explain: We’re going to go back to look at where the word ‘yoga’ comes in, so bear with me for a moment:


Thai Massage was originally a selfcare practice called Reusi Datton. A Reusi is an asthetic and Datton translates as ‘stretch oneself”.

Reusi Datton (RDT) involves breathwork, self-massage and self-stretching. At some point in history (many moons ago) it […]

FEATURE: London Institute of Thai Yoga Massage

I am excited to share with you my recent guest blog for WellnessHQ which talks about how I came to find and love Thai Yoga Massage, what is Thai Yoga Massage and the benefits for receiving treatments. Read the article here.

How to work smart, not hard; the use of Thai herbal compress

One of my massive passions is helping practitioners work smart, not hard.

I know from my 30 years of experience in the bodywork and complimentary health field that it is more than possible to give effective treatments without straining your own body and burning out.

One of the best tools is to learn how to make and apply a Thai herbal compress as they can be used in any and every treatment. They might seem at first like they are a ‘spa type’ treatment but nothing could be further from the truth. These bundles of steam heated herbs have HUGE therapeutic values […]

What does it mean to be an intern?

My school and the tradition of Thai medicine that I teach and practice offers students an opportunity to intern. I myself have interned with my own teachers and I wanted to share what this experience is like for me.

I have always seen interning as an amazing opportunity. It feels like a rare gift being offered invaluable information that allows me to have professional, spiritual and personal growth without any additional financial cost to me. I know that my clients and the community that I serve through my therapeutic work also benefit from my interning experiences.

The value of this is immeasurable […]

Post-partum care for a new mum

A year or so ago I travelled to Thailand and researched traditional post-partum care, spending time with village midwifes in the far north and learning how women were traditionally cared for at this time of their lives.  I was both moved and fascinated by the Thai traditional practices which centred around building and nourishing the woman’s essence.  Pregnancy is seen as a very depleting time, anyone who has been pregnant and given birth can tell you about a tiredness like no other.

In my practice I have seen the effects that childbirth and rushing back into daily life has, women’s health […]

Yoni Steaming – reasons why as a woman this is for you

For the past year I have been introduced to people at parties and at work as

‘this is Natasha. She does vaginal steaming’.  

I have to say it is sometimes a conversation starter and at other times people visibly gasp and are a little speechless.  Either way it does pique interest from everybody, those with and without vagina’s.  Women especially are always very keen to have one.

Gwenyth Paltrow seems to have done a lot for raising awareness about ‘V Steams” but I’m not sure she (or the press) has portrayed them in the best light. Any articles I have found about […]

My Journey to becoming a Thai Yoga Massage Bodywork Practitioner by Jacqui Dark

From the first moment I went to Thailand I fell in love with the place. The culture, the smells, the spices, the excitement. The people, the respect and of course the Massages. I have been back many times over the years and my love of the country has grown every time.

I am a massage therapist and have been for 25 years. I have trained in many therapies over the years and use most of my skills daily within my business in Ickenham, Middlesex. I truly love my work and feel very blessed to be doing this full time. Having a large […]