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Thai Spinal Nerve Treatment

When a client walks into the treatment room looking anxious, their face tense and pale, their eyes edgy I know almost immediately the type of treatment they need. However, I sit and find out more details from them asking about their mental state, sleep and digestive patterns, energy levels, their general sense of themselves and their well-being.

I ask these questions so I can take their whole being into account when I decide on a treatment plan for that session.

We often talk a while and they share deep and private thoughts and vulnerabilities, it is a safe space for them to […]

Gut and better mood

Is your food going through you quickly?  Do you feel generally sluggish or aren’t pooing at least once a day? Is your skin spotty or dry, your energy low, or are you feeling bloated? Do you have abdominal pain or indigestion?  If you answered yes to any of these it could be that your gut needs some TLC.  whatever the health of your gut it probably still needs some care and attention. I’ll explain why.

The gut (also known as the ‘enteric nervous system’) runs from the tongue to the anus and includes all the vital organs (oesophagus, spleen, liver, pancreas, […]

An interview with Natasha de Grunwald

Tell us about how you got into Thai Yoga Massage?
I was 18 years old and already a massage therapist but wanted to find an effective therapy with more depth to it, so I travelled to Thailand and traveled the country looking for the school  I wanted to train with.

Why Thai Yoga Massage in particular?
I wanted to learn a modality with tradition and lineage behind it, something that had been around for a very long time, so I travelled to Thailand and studied within temple grounds. I had a lot of personal healing to do and I found the deep bodywork […]

My Journey to becoming a Thai Yoga Massage Bodywork Practitioner by Sarb Donin

A case study from the London Institute of Thai Yoga Massage, a student’s perspective

Sarb trained with us here at the London Institute of Thai Yoga Massage obtaining her Thai Yoga Massage diploma and has since built up her successful practice.

After my first child was born and my maternity year was over, I was eager to get back to ‘work’ and have my independence again. I had left my office job in the city and like most new mums or dads I was looking for work which would fit around my new life and family.

I’ve always enjoyed giving a massage even though I […]

Yoni Smoke

Last summer I did a ‘Yoni Smoke’.  This was all in the name of research and I was happy to test it out for myself along with many other practices.

At the time I was on a trip to Thailand where myself and a group of 5 other women travelled with a translator to the Thai/ Burmese border. We studied and researched with village midwifes to learn about their traditional practices for pregnancy and post-partum care.

The smoke experience involved lighting a charcoal fire contained in a bucket. A recipe of medicinal herbs was placed above the fire, which was smouldering but […]

The art of a consultation

Sitting with my clients this week I have noticed that in my mind I am unpacking some of the questions I ask them in the consultation.

The consultation part of the session is illuminating, especially if the questions are direct, focused and lead to more questioning.  For it is the questions and the introspection that are important.

There is an art to the consultation process. It is a space for clients to feel they can open up and unravel what is going on internally. When they speak and verbalise what is going on there is a conscious acknowledgement of thoughts, feelings and […]

Choosing compassion over anger

Aagh! I had a hard one this week. I had to make a clear choice to practice compassion over anger, and it was a challenge I can tell you.

I have had an ongoing difficult relationship with the landlord of the flat I moved into 6 weeks ago. I won’t bore you with the details but suffice to say that they are bad enough for me to be moving out again this weekend (packing up the whole house for a 2nd time). I can’t get out of there soon enough.
When I received a ridiculously rude email from my landlord who used […]

Highlights from my recent Thailand trip

I have just returned from spending a month in Thailand. It was a very different trip to ones I have taken in the past, perhaps this was because I was returning there in my mid 40’s, or maybe it was because I was travelling with a group of women who are also passionate about the country and its healing practices.

The month was filled with learning about culture, tradition, and food, healing practices, self-care, nourishment and herbs along with many hands-on techniques to share with students and to treat clients.

My main take homes from the trip were:

  • Learning about the level […]

All pain and no gain!

I recently had a Thai Massage that injured me.  I went to a place in Thailand that I know well and that has a good reputation with foreigners. My expectations weren’t too high, I hoped for a decent relaxing massage and nothing more.

Thai massage, if performed badly can be quite dangerous and I would categorise my experience this summer as one of those such events.  It wasn’t just bad in that the practitioner was lacking skill (although he obviously was) or that he was doing a cookie cutter sequence. It was as if he was deliberately and intentionally harming me.

I […]

The Chemistry of Kindness

Through my work I am privileged to see people with their mask removed and their innermost vulnerabilities revealed.  I hear about people’s lives in a way that not many people do. This is one of the things I love about my job and why I feel honoured to do the work I do.

A natural part of my job involves being very present, being kind and listening.  I often think that beyond my skills, training and knowledge it is the kindness that people need most, along with being heard and understood.  So often we move through life and no one really […]