Advanced Thai Bodywork; core release & Lanna therapeutic tools (Module 3)

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This course is designed for students who have completed module 1 and 2 and done our herbal compress workshop.

In this advanced class students will take their practice to a much deeper level of therapeutic approach. Learn Ancient Lanna traditional practices such as the use of scarves and scraping tools for effective and deep bodywork release.

Additionally students will learn Traditional abdominal massage for health and vitality and will be introduced to an ancient herbal oil recipe and herbal compresses whose properties are therapeutic for gut health.

Students will benefit immensely from these four days of training and will learn:

  • anatomy of the belly, enteric nervous system and viscera,
  • traditional abdominal massage based on Thai medical theory,
  • subtle touch, touch sensitivity, listening hands,
  • release points,
  • sacred old style stretches,
  • myo-fascial stretching and pin and stretch techniques,
  • how to use scarves for deep and penetrating release of the neck, back, shoulders and pelvis,
  • ancient Scraping tools for the release of toxins and heat and to relax bound up muscles,
  • spiritual healing arts practice and Reusi Datton self-care,
  • Thai medical theory,
  • herbal oil and compress recipe,
  • release points for head and neck,
  • therapeutic work for anxiety.

There will be handcrafted healing belly oil and scarves from Thailand available to purchase



  • 4 day course: from Friday 24th to Monday 27th January in Richmond.

Your investment: £775 (including £300 deposit to reserve your place)After the January ’20 course the price will increase to £895 (or £845 for early bird bookings).

Times: 10.30am – 5.30pm each day (subject to change depending on number of students)

This course is available to students who have completed Module 1, module 2 and the herbal compress workshop.


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