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London Institute of Thai Yoga Massage teaches courses and workshops in Thai massage and bodywork.

We are the only school in the UK that offers a comprehensive syllabus rich in traditional Thai medical theory and history.  This knowledge accompanies the beautiful & effective hands-on techniques we teach and that Thai Massage is known for.

Our modular courses are engaging, inspiring and go beyond the norm. They are carefully planned to be perfectly paced and fulfilling. We pride ourselves in teaching the art and practice of the bodywork of Thailand, like you have never learnt before.

With us you will learn remedial techniques such as deep compressions and stretches, the use of balms and liniments, myofascial trench work, range of motion and traction, abdominal massage, point work.

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Students are taught to use feet, elbows, palms, thumbs, forearms and knees as well as fire cupping, making and using herbal compresses, scraping and scarf work.

Our courses have an emphasis on spiritual practices, self-care, Thai anatomy and a focus on anatomical connectivity. We warmly welcome all levels, from the complete novice to an experienced teacher.

In keeping with the traditions of our teachers we offer a lifetime internship whereby any course you take with us can be repeated as many times as you like for free and our sister schools honour this too.

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